Aabcor’s Sunshine Service provides daily or weekly check-in calls for your mother, father, or other loved ones. Each caring call is unique to your family member and provides reassurance when you’re not available to check on them. Our service offers peace of mind for you and another way for your family member to remain independent and at home.


Basic Package Includes:

  • Daily LIVE morning calls up to 10 mins / call. (M-F)

  • Weekly call reports sent to family member

  • Email or phone call to family member in case of concern

  • Phone call to family member when an urgent matter arises


Depressive symptoms are a reality for many adults over the age of 65. Some of the telltale signs, such as noticeable changes in energy level, increased worry, and even digestive issues, may go unnoticed without regular contact from friends and family members. Our Sunshine Service bridges this gap and ensures that even if your loved one is alone, they still have a friendly voice checking on their wellbeing.

Whether you are a long-distance caregiver or busy managing a hectic schedule, we make it possible for you to know how your loved one is doing on a consistent basis. Each live call is placed by one of our trained case managers who provide ongoing follow-up from each call. Our basic plan starts at only $69 per month, providing customized care at a reasonable cost.