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Remote Care Monitoring

Aabcor, inc is proud to announce a new, state of the art program designed to help those individuals with chronic illnesses get the enhanced care they need in the comfort of their own home or other points of care.

We provide patients with biometric Bluetooth enabled devices that wirelessly store and transmit physiological data to Aabcor’s nurses in real time. By incorporating our Remote Care Monitoring program into a patient’s chronic disease management plan, Aabcor’s nurses are able to provide interventions quickly before an adverse event occurs. Our Remote Care Monitoring approach focuses on improving the quality of life for patients, especially for those managing complex processes and needs.

Benefits for Providers

  • Report on Patient’s Health Status

  • Patient’s Adherence to Care Plan

  • Patient’s Risk Assessment

  • Detailed Report on Patient’s Outcomes

  • Report on Alerts Generated from Patient’s Vitals (above or below pre-determined thresholds)

  • Patient’s Health Trends

  • Observable Health Factors (Changes in Weight, Blood Sugar, Blood Pressure, Oxygen, etc.)

Benefits for Patients

  • Remote, Daily Monitoring of Vitals

  • Nursing Interventions in Real Time

  • Communication with a Nurse via Video Conference

  • Communication Between Nurse and Doctor to resolve issues in real time

  • Communication Between Care Team & (Out-of-town) Family Members

  • Nurse Home Visit as Needed

  • Medication & Appointment Reminders

  • Education Specific to Diagnosis

These are just a few examples of benefits to the patient and their doctors who incorporate RPM services.


Biometric Devices Used

We use weight scale, blood pressure cuff, oximeter, and a glucometer to remotely monitor patients’ vitals. These devices can be used with the patient’s smart phone or tablet. A tablet can be provided if a patient does not have a smart phone.

Current Conditions Treated