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Integrated Case Management

Aabcor, Inc. has a dedicated team of case managers who look at all aspects of care for people with chronic Illnesses, brain injury and other complex needs.

We work closely with the individuals, family members and care teams to ensure the transition back home or another care environment, enables clients to focus on their health. Whether they are being discharged from short-term hospitalization or rehabilitation, we can coordinate and implement the following home services:

  • Needs Assessment: Assess a person’s overall living situation to identify problems, determine unmet needs and assess eligibility for needed services

  • Develop and monitor care plan on an on-going basis

  • Relocation assistance to home, nursing / residential facility or other preferred environment.

  • Arranging medical appointments

  • Maintaining consistent communication with family members, care team and physicians

  • Maintain contact with out-of-town relatives

  • Medication management

  • Money Management

  • Wellness checks

  • Arranging for home modifications (ramps, lifts) adaptive equipment and assistive technology

  • Arranging for billing and delivery of equipment (wheelchair, specialized bed) and supplies

  • Assist with completing applications for eligible benefits 

  • Provide coaching and support

  • Vocational Support

  • Risk Assessment

  • Recovery Planning

 Contact us for more information on how we can customize our case management services to your needs.